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                Art in the Library

                 ART in the Library-- The Committee of the Madison County Art Project wishes all the artists we have worked with, all the library staff and all the patrons who have enjoyed the art shows, a most peaceful and happy New Year.

                Please join us in giving a big loud applause to Lorraine Dubuis Kilmer, whose art exhibit delighted us all throughout the month of December. Her graceful koi and lovely birds will be missed!

                The committee is now happy to announce Joel Dempsey as our featured artist for January. Joel hails from Mars Hill. He is a 2012 graduate of Mars Hill College, and a talented graphic designer. Joel was commissioned this fall by the Friends of Mars Hill Library to come up with a logo for their group - see the illustration of the proposed logo.  We hope you will get a chance to stop by one of our libraries this month to appreciate this young man's talents in design and his whimsical sense of humor which always shows through his works of art.


                About Art in the Library---Madison County Library is participating in an exciting program - Art in the Library. This program brings local art to our libraries, their patrons, and the community at large.

                Each month, one (or more) local artist is selected to display a number of works in the three branches of the Madison County Library.  Initially, the Project exhibited flat art, but has since expanded the exhibits to other forms such as fiber art.  As the Project continues to grow and develop, the displays will sometimes center around a chosen theme; once or twice a year, exhibits will be open exclusively to our young Madison County School artists.

                This program is in its second year and has proven to be enriching to both artists and art lovers of all ages in our community.

                We strongly encourage all our local artists to apply!


                Applications can be picked up at each of the libraries and at the Arts Council in Marshall.



                If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact theMadison County Library Art Project Committee at


                Madison County Public Library,
                Apr 2, 2012, 6:12 AM