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                Exhibits Policy and Procedure



                Policy and Procedure – Art Exhibits



                The Art Exhibit policy is intended to provide guidelines for potential exhibitors and Library staff.



                Selection Process

                Artists and library staff must be mindful that the display area is used by all segments of the community and all age groups. Exhibits may not include defaming or obscene materials as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court, or material which would lead to breach of peace or which advocates the violation of State criminal laws. It is not the intent that the exhibit space be used for advertising for commercial enterprises or political candidates.

                The views in the works exhibited are those of the artists and are not necessarily those of the library, Library Board, or Madison County. The Library Arts Committee reserves final approval over any works to be displayed. 

                Works will be selected by the Madison County Library Art Committee, with scheduling priority given to exhibitors who have not previously presented an exhibit. Applications shall be completed in detail on the Art Exhibit Application form provided and signed by the individual submitting the application or by an officer of the organization, if it is a group’s application. It is the responsibility of the signatory to be aware of exhibit policies and to communicate these policies to those individuals participating in the exhibit. 

                The library will determine the date and duration of an exhibit with the artist. The length of exhibition will be one month. The library reserves the right to select individual works or may provide an opportunity for a one person show. The library seeks to present a variety of diverse exhibitions by local artists in the visual and literary arts and to promote awareness of local artists, the Madison County Library and the Friends of the Madison County Library


                The exhibitor must complete and submit the Exhibitor release/consignment Agreement Form which unconditionally releases Madison County, its elected and appointed officials and employees, the Madison County Library and the Friends of the Madison County Library, from any liability in connection with the exhibit. The County does not accept liability for damages, losses or theft to the materials exhibited. The exhibit space must be left in satisfactory condition. Exhibitors using the space assume liability for damages to County property resulting from said usage, as assessed by the County. 

                Sales and Commissions

                Works of art may be offered for sale, with prices established by the artist. The library will not serve as sales agent, but will provide interested persons with a list of prices and contact information. The artist is responsible for conducting the sale of any work directly with the purchaser. Works that are not available for purchase must be designated “NFS” (Not for Sale). Works sold must remain on exhibit throughout the designated period.




                Exhibition Procedures

                All art must be finished, with hanging apparatus (screw eyes and wire).  Hanging art work must be installed by the artist. Exhibits must be installed during library hours of operation.

                Interested artists may arrange for a reception to be held at the library, at their own expense, provided appropriate space is available and the event is open to the public. Participating artists are encouraged to promote their exhibit through invitations and announcements. The Library will arrange for a press release to inform the general community about the exhibit. Permission to photograph and reproduce any work accepted in the exhibition for publicity purposes is considered granted unless otherwise stated in writing.

                For each work, the artist is to provide a display card or title label indicating the name of the work, artist’s name and medium. Prices will not be displayed on individual works, but will be available as part of the exhibit information available to the public. All other promotional materials must be approved by the Library Arts Committee. 

                At least two weeks prior to installation, artists are responsible for submitting a completed “Exhibitor Release/Consignment Agreement Form” listing all works that are to be shown, together with the selling price (or, “NFS”, if not for sale) dimensions, and medium. The listing must include the artist’s name, telephone number and instructions for contacting the artist are to arrange for the purchase of any artwork. Artists are also requested to include a brief biography and artist’s statement.

                The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of the exhibit as scheduled with the Exhibit facilitator. The exhibitor assumes total responsibility for the transportation of all work to and from the Library. If the Library must dismantle an exhibit because it is not removed as scheduled, the Library is not responsible for any damages and the exhibitor will be billed for staff time.

                The Library does not provide staff to serve as attendant’s during an exhibit. The provision of an attendant (if desired) is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

                The Exhibit Facilitator and the Committee must be notified of any changes in the information included on the submitted application form or the Exhibitor Release/Consignment Agreement form. Upon receipt of such changes, the application shall be reevaluated to determine compliance with the provisions of this policy.

                The Exhibit Facilitator must be notified of all cancellations as early as possible. While the Library Arts Committee will do its utmost not to interfere with scheduled exhibits, the Committee reserves the right to cancel any exhibit for a Library or City sponsored exhibit. Every effort will be made to give as much advance notice as possible, and the cancelled exhibit will be rescheduled.

                The Art Exhibit Committee is made up of the Exhibit Facilitator and at least one community member.  The Library Director will support the Art Exhibit Committee, making a final decision, if necessary.