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                Health Care - ObamaCare links

                Start here for an overview of the PPACA ("Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act", aka "Obama Care") and the enrollment process: 
                  Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act |
                Information about how the PPACA will affect the quality and quantity of health insurance coverage:
                   Health Insurance Market Reforms - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

                Many people will qualify for financial assistance for paying their health insurance premiums, by means of Federal Income Tax Credits; This site will let you estimate how much help you may qualify for:
                    Subsidy Calculator | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation:

                Publications & articles about ObamaCare from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS.Gov ), including relevant regulations:
                Have specific questions you can't find the answer to? Call the Healthcare.Gov 24-hour toll-free help line and talk to a human being:

                PDF Copies of the paper forms to apply for health insurance through the Marketplace (you WILL be able to apply ONLINE as of October 1)::

                      ·  Individual Short form (PDF - 668 KB)


                        ·  Family (PDF - 820 KB)

                Information about ObamaCare from AARP :

                Questions about the IRS role in the PPACA? Here are 2 links to the latest information:

                     General information:

                     Specific information about the penalty fee if you remain uninsured:

                This training video covers the essential features of how the health Insurance Marketplace will work (please note-this is a 46 minute official training video):
                                                                                          Understanding the Marketplace

                What is the Health Insurance Marketplace?


                Marketplace Application Process

                Marketplace Enrollment Process